Installation of two gas meters

According the Rules of gas metering (approved by the Order of the Ministry of Energy of Russia of December 30, 2013 № 961):

Set of Rules 62.13330.2011 Gas distribution systems. The updated version of SNiP 42-01-2002 (with Amendment No. 1), in cl. 7.10. stipulates that «... Each facility on which gas-using equipment is installed shall be equipped with a single gas metering unit in accordance with the regulatory legal documents of the Russian Federation.» However, this rule refers to industrial, and not to household gas-using equipment.

According the Rules of gas metering each metering unit with the appropriate measuring instrument has to determine following indications:

Thus, the term «gas metering unit» is applicable to industrial gas consumption, but not to household consumption.

According the «Rules of gas consumption in terms of ensuring safety while using and maintaining of gas equipment inside houses and apartments» (approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 14, 2013 No. 410) «in-apartment gas equipment» — is gas pipeline of a condominium, laid from a shut-off valve (disconnecting device) to the internal gas equipment, to household gas-using equipment located inside the premises, household gas-using equipment and technical devices on gas pipelines, including regulating and safety fittings, gas contamination control systems, individual or common (flat) gas metering device.

According the «Rules of gas supply for domestic and household needs of people (citizens)» (approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 21-2008 № 549) determination of volume of the consumed gas shall be done via the indications of counting device obeying the following rules:

Thus, the installation of two gas meters in the household does not contradict the current regulatory and legal framework of the Russian Federation.

Installation of two gas meters