About Us

Designing and manufacturing of modern water and gas meters at own plants in Russia using high technologies
and more water and gas meters are produced at our plant daily
best specialists are the part of the staff (our team)
1500 м2
the square of manufacturing facilities in Russia

Our aspiration for comfortable workability and aesthetics in everyday life, these goals put the start for the Elehant company’s researches and development of the measuring devices back in 2011. Having started with the development and patenting of jet generator for measuring gas flow, the best minds of the Company very soon created unique counters capable of non-infrastructural data transmission. «Elehant» began selling devices in late 2013, and already in 2014 our gas meter was recognized as the best development of the year in the field of instrument engineering by the Scientific and Technical Council under the Government of St. Petersburg.

Today Elehant is the manufacturer that produces thousands of counters a day. We’ve succeeded in reaching high service on affordable price, and established permanent sales cooperation with such countries like Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Russia of course. The highest quality of our product starts at the very beginning of the manufacturing process. Humidity and temperature of the air are controlled in each premises. The main nodes of the meters are assembled in different rooms and stored in different warehouses. During a day all the members of the staff wear antistatic bracelets. Each batch of metal for casting is tested for compliance with all standards. The plastic parts are made of high quality raw material on modern equipment. Finished products are tested for various loads and pass a multi-stage quality control at each stage of production.


Counters «Elehant» is a unique product. Analogues of remote data transmission from the device are not available in Russia and CIS countries. We are distinguished by new technologies and proprietary developments. Brand Elehant has already established itself in the market, this is proved by the gratitude letters from partners and successful work in the CIS markets we, as a producer, value our reputation.


The main mission of «Elehant» is to make complex things simple and accessible. Today, we tirelessly improve our products and develop new ones. And in the near future the company plans to unite all metering devices in a single network with wireless data transmission technology.

Video tutorial of installation process of the Elehant brand gas meter