The Elehant gas meter

What kind (type) of counter is the Elehant brand gas meter?
The Elehant brand gas meter is a streaming type measuring device. The principle of operation is based on the occurrence of sound vibrations during the passage of gas stream through a jet generator. Further, sound vibrations are captured by the piezomicrophone and interpreted as gas flow.
Why is the gas meter «Elehant» better than the other gas meters?
  • 1.
    Power batteries serve complete life time period of calibration interval-12 years (the meter’s screen is lighted, only when the button is pressed) unlike the other counting devices, where power batteries are out of service after the first year of exploitation, according to gas-service workers. The maximum life time period of the power battery is 6-7 years (replacement of the power batteries cause many complicated actions to be done by a consumer and for his/her expense, including secondary verification).
  • 2.
    Modern stylish appearance-decorative overlays of different colors suitable for any kitchen interior.
  • 3.
    Small size and weight, unlike the other meters.
  • 4.
    The ability of installation both in vertical and horizontal position: the meter’s screen adjusts browsing the information, depending on the device’s position-just the same way that modern smartphones rotate the picture, when the phone is held horizontally, and flips back to vertical image when the phone is held normally.
  • 5.
    The ability to view the history of gas consumption per each month during the last year (instead of constantly active line showing the current indicators of consumption like it is done at similar devices).
  • 6.
    Very easy and convenient way of installation by a bayonet nut (affordable for consumer).
  • 7.
    The most favorable terms for warranty service (the repeated visit of the installer to replace the counter under warranty is carried out at the manufacturer’s expense by mutual settlements with the company that sold the meter) instead of directing that expense of the consumer or the store that sold the defective product.
How to rotate the screen on a meter’s display?
To do this, you have to press the counter’s button 6 times within 2 seconds, this will cause the rotation of the picture on the screen per 90° adjusting the image clockwise. The sequence of these actions can be repeated, until the browsing orientation is set desirably.
Does it take welding for mounting?
The meter is installed without welding. The standard mounting of the meter is carried out by means of threaded connection without the use of welding. However, this does not exclude the possibility of using welding for installation of gas pipes from outside and inside the structure, but the use of welding for direct mounting of the counter is contraindicated-plastic parts will be melted.
How to choose proper size and type of the Elehant brand meter?
For proper determination of size and type of a meter, you need to find out what volume of gas is consumed by your gas equipment.
    Normally, the correlation is as given below:
  • If there is only a gas stove — SGB — 1,8.
  • If there is only a gas water boiler (a geyser) — meter is SGB — 3,2 or SGB — 4,0.
  • Gas stove + gas water boiler — set of meters has to be installed. SGB — 1,8 for the stove, and SGB — 3,2 or SGB — 4,0 for the water boiler.
  • If there is only a gas boiler — SGB — 4,0.
  • Gas stove + gas boiler — set of meters: SGB — 1,8 and SGB — 4,0 respectively.
What are the colors of overlays that I can choose?
You can pick any color of 11 given by the manufacturer namely: yellow, peach, white, green, light blue, light blue, red, orange, mint, black, purple.

The Elehant water meter

How is the Elehant water meter mounted?
The meter is mounted in the same way as any other water meter, any plumber will handle it
Why a check valve is not necessary to be installed?
The counter registers the volume of liquid passing through it, regardless of the flow direction
How does a meter transmit the data to a smartphone or a external display?
The counter transmits the data via Bluetooth Low Energy radio channel
What is the available range for data transmission to a smartphone or external display?
The data is available for transmission within a 10 meters range
Do I need the external display?
If you have a smartphone, then you can install the official Elehant mobile app, in this case you don’t need an external display
If I need a display, then how many pieces?
One display is capable of browsing the data from 16 different counters, that is why one display is enough for most of cases
What type of power batteries are compatible with the display?
Cylindrical cell AA batteries.
How is a meter verified (calibrated)?
A meter is checked by the licensed organization once every 6 years, during the calibration it is required to replace the battery
Is it possible to make verification (calibration) on site?
Verification without dismantling is possible. During calibration, the battery needs to be replaced. Instructions for replacing the battery can be found in the Documents section.
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