The Elehant gas meter
Exceeds any other gas meter in reliability, functionality, aesthetics and price
Available models of gas meters:


SGB-1,8TK with thermal correction


SGB-3,2TK with thermal correction


SGB-4,0TK with thermal correction

Earn on innovative gas meter — good looking, functional device with a 6 year warranty coverage. Affordable price and fair warranty policy.
Simplified installation process by the bayonet nut allows 1 worker to set up to 20 devices per day.
Automatic meter readings system can be set up based on the new gas meter with distant data transmission.
High reliability
Elehant gas meter was designed by Russian aviation radio engineers. The product is based on proprietary patents. It is included into the Russian State Register as well as registers of other CIS countries. Production site is located in Omsk. Hundreds of thousands meters have been installed in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
No need to change the batteries
A proprietary energy-saving technology allows the batteries to live during the entire period of calibration interval and longer.
The best development of the year
Elehant gas meter was recognized by the Scientific and Technical Council under the Government of St. Petersburg as the best technological product of 2014th.
Easy instalation
The meter is installed by a bayonet nut which facilitates and accelerates the installation process

Sizes of the bayonet nut

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The Elehant gas meter installation
Gas meter can be installed both vertically and horizontally. The indication on the display can be rotated as needed.
The display has a modern look. The backlight helps to clearly see the readings even in dark premises.
Energy efficient backlight
The backlight is activated when pressing the button, 15 seconds later it goes out.
Viewing the usage statistic
Monthly gas consumption history within one year can be seen on the display.
Turn the light off
The Elehant gas meter is the most compact gas metering device on the market. Its dimensions are only 11 × 6.6 × 6.6 cm.
Available colors
You may choose any colorful overlay out of these 11 to make the gas meter perfectly match the interior of a kitchen or any other premises.
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