The Elehant water meter
The most convenient water meter! Check the readings distantly via Bluetooth through an external display or mobile app with transmission range up to 10 meters. Automatic meter reading system can be set up with no additional infrastructure.

High earnings on the unique product. Permanent partners receive the best prices.
Easy installation without a check valve allows up to 20 devices to be set per day by one worker.
Automatic meter reading system can be set up without additional equipment. Protection from magnet fraud.
Modern approach
Use Elehant mobile app on your smartphone to check meter readings. The data from all your meters in one place. Automatic meter readings system for utility company can be set up.

Official apps are available on:

External display compatible with all Elehant meters with distant data transmission
Show the readings from all of your Elehant meters. Can be mounted on any surface making meter reading more comfortable. Colorful overlays, backlight, modern design. Backlight is activated by pressing the button, which helps saving batteries’ life.
Our company has achieved the longest period of calibration interval for the hot water counters — 6 years! During these 6 years you can forget about the counters thanks to the remote data transmission technology to your smartphone or external display. The device will serve you for more than 12 years!
The water meter is protected from the external effect of the magnetic fields by the absence of a magnetic clutch so it is impossible to stop the meter with a magnet. Thanks to the aesthetics and functionality, hundreds of thousands of Elehant water meters have already been installed in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Russian aviation radio engineers have designed an innovative residential water meter. Now you can send the information to your utility company remotely without any additional tool or equipment. This is the unique patented technology! The Elehant mobile app receives the data from a meter via Bluetooth, then it transfers the information via the Internet to the utility company’s personal account at the Elehant’s server.
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